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Carl Saladino MD

Suntree Medical Associates

We Spend The Extra Time With You

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Where The Quality Is In The Details

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Our Values

For years, patients have depended on Suntree Medical Associates to provide accurate and concise medical care to help them lead a healthy life. We offer extensive testing capabilities on site for your convenience. Here at Suntree Medical Associates we are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships based on trust and communication with every single patient. Our medical staff is known throughout Brevard for spending as much time as necessary so patients have a comprehensive understanding of their medical conditions. We answer all questions in as much detail as possible and never rush you out the door.

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Our Team

Dr. Saladino is joined by a number of Nurse Practioners and Physician Assistants who provide comprehensive and detailed health care during extended hours Monday to Friday. There is always a provider who can see a patient on short notice as a same day appointment.

These providers are assisted by a team of RN's, LPN's, Physical Therapists, CardioVascular ultrasound technicians, x-ray technicians and a number of additional support staff.


Routine Checkup

Dr. Saladino and the other providers at Suntree Medical Associates have been doing detailed annual checkups for many years. We cover a wide variety of lab tests, a basic EKG and thorough examination for each patient. We may suggest additional testing depending on the initial findings. To us, nothing matters more than your health. Providing annual comprehensive medical evaluations for all patients, and a preventive annual wellness visit for our Medicare participants, allows us to proactively evaluate and treat all of your medical concerns so you can live your life to the fullest.

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Conditions Monitored and Treated




Congestive heart failure


Dementia symtoms


Gastrointestinal problems

Heart conditions


Kidney failure

Liver disease

Memory changes

Prostate enlargement

Thyroid abnormalities

Urinary symtoms

Vitamin deficiencies

Weight management

and many others

Doctor with Files

Other Services Available

At Suntree Medical Associates, the following services are also available:

  • Same Day or Next Day Appointments

  • Allergy Testing

  • Aneurysm evaluations

  • Carotid Artery testing

  • Echocardiograms

  • EKG's

  • Freezing skin lesions

  • Immunizations

  • Physical Therapy

  • Pulmonary function testing

  • Spinal Injections for neck & lower back pain

  • Stress Testing

  • Ultrasounds- Thyroid, Abdomen, Kidneys

  • X-Rays

  • 24 Hour Heart Monitors


Neck and Low Back Pain

Unique to a Primary Care / Internal Medicine office, Dr. Saladino offers patients who suffer with persistent neck and lower back pains, spinal injections. He has been providing relief of these debilitating symptoms for nearly 10 years. Call for an appointment to discuss your particular case and see if you may benefit.


Auto Accident Injury Care

Have you or someone you know been involved in an auto accident? We are one of the few unique medical doctors offices in Brevard that offers care to people involved in auto accidents. Since the enactment of a state law in 2013 anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident must be seen by a Medical Doctor (MD) in less than 14 days. We offer same or next day appointments to evaluate and treat your injuries. All auto accident patients are seen and treated by Dr. Saladino at every visit. We have on site x-ray and physical therapy available. If you are not sure whether or not you need to go to an ER, call us to discuss scheduling a thorough evaluation of your injuries.

Collision Coverage

Contact Us

6420 3rd St #104, Rockledge, FL 32955, USA

Phone: (321) 757-9711

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